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We don’t just have cowboy hats, we have the best cowboy hats!  We’ve taken the hassle out of looking for the perfect straw or felt cowboy hat for you.  We only list the best hats out there. In my opionion, everyone should have one of these amazing cowboy hats!

There are 3 main types of materials that make up cowboy hats and that is felt, straw, or wool.  Prices vary widely, so don’t get shocked if you find one well over a thousand dollars. One thing to keep in mind when looking at a cowboy hat is The “X” factor.

The Higher The X, The More Expensive A Cowboy Hat Can Cost.

Another characteristic with a higher x factor means the hat tends to be more durable with a softer smoother feel.  Make sure you do a little research on your hat because different manufacturers have created different scales to it makes it almost impossible to accurately compare hats these days.

Straw hats may also have a X rating on the inside and indicates the quality of the straw used in the making of the cowboy hat. Simply stated, the better the straw, the better the hat .

We Did The Work, Now Enjoy Some Great Cowboy Hats

Let us do the work for you! Browse the best cowboy hats for men, women, and kids alike. We have searched out and reviewed each and every hat taking out the guess work for you.  Along with some beautiful pictures of each cowboy hat, we have also jotted down why we just love these  men’s and women’s felt and straw hats so much. Along with some helpful characteristics and features of each and every cowboy hat that we review, we are here to to get you the best hats out there.